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tikbalang appearaance

are humanoid horse-like mythical creatures. Lazaro and Santana exhibits a face that resembles that of a human except for pointed horse-like ears.. The Tikbalangs are noted for their superhuman speed and agility. They also have a powerful kick that may leave their victim unconscious; only powerful healing magic cast by a Diwata can re-awaken the victim. The Tikbalang can also communicate with horses. They are currently ruled by Lazaro . It is said that if you managed to pull out a strand of hair from a tikbalang, the tikbalang has no choice but to obey his master. However, this rule only applies in the human realm.  

Tikbalang and Kapre are both tree creatures. However Kapre are the tree dwellers and while the tikbalangs are the forest runners.



Rabuyo, like any typical tikbalang, highly resembles that of a horse.

The ruler of the Tikbalangs, Lazaro was sentenced to death by the former King of the Engkantos, Mana-on. In line with the sentence Mana-on closed the portal between the Tikbalang and Engkanto realms. Lazaro was later acquitted of his crime but later died due to an unexplained cause. Lazaro was assumed dead by the Tikbalangs and Santana became the leader of the Tikbalangs during the former's absence. Santana seeks to avenge the death of his father, believing that the engkantos executed him for a crime he did not commit.

The portal locking the tikbalangs in their realm was eventually opened by Peru-ha's right-hand man Agor.

Santana ordered the kidnapping of Princess Mirathea and stormed the Engkanto palace. He demands the portal to remain open and cede half of the Engkanto Kingdom under Tikbalang rule. After an almost fatal encounter with Juan's group, Santana had a change of heart. Santana and Juan's group returned to the palace where Queen Nerea declared that from that time onwards the Engkanto Kingdom and the Tikbalang are now friends. Santana also had a reunion with his father Lazaro, who was actually alive. Lazaro resumed his role as the leader of the Tikbalangs.