The Tagabantay are the chosen warriors and defenders  from the threath of aswangs and other evil elementals. They are the chosen ones that holds a certain weapons [such as the Bakal na Krus] Not everyone can be a tagabantay, the weapon itself is the one who chooses it's owner. The weapons that the tagabantay holds, has a hidden weapon or power that will be unleashed, only if the tagabantay passes an obstacle or if he learns a certain lessons or after a series of events. No one knows exactly the time when the hidden weapon or power will be unleashed. Only the weapon will decide, if the tagabantay is ready for that weapon or power. A perfect example of this is the journey of Juan on unleashing the weapons hidden within the bakal na krus. 

Being a tagabantay actually runs in the blood. An inherited responsibilty from ancestors, that is passed by from generations up to generations. Juan Dela Cruz is the current tagabantay of the bakal na krus and is said to be the strongest tagabantay who ever holds that weapon. The first tagabantay of the bakal na krus, however, Datu Bangaraw, could be even stronger than Juan. As he is the one responsible for the legendary weapon, bakal na krus. At least what the myth tells. 

List of the Tagabantay of the Bakal na yawaEdit

Four unnamed tagabantays were also shown succeeding Datu Bangaraw but preceding Amelia. It is likely that the fourth Tagabantay shown below is Julian as the fourth was shown to pass the cross directly to Amelia's hands. The last photo shows two unnamed persons, wearing green and yellow, posing as the Tagabantay.