Spear of Valor converted

The Sibat ng Kagitingan (lit. Spear of Valor) is the fourth weapon form of the Bakal na Krus. For Juan to unleash this, he must learn the real meaning of valor. Fulfilling your duty despite of anything. Doing the right thing without asking for recognition.

The unleashing of this weapon, was the hardest and the most heartbreaking challenge, Juan ever encounters on his line of duty as a tagabantay. He learns the true meaning of valor, in a hard way, when his master and the father of his loved one, Mang Pepe becomes an aswang through the hands of Kael and Samuel. Juan gets so devastated when he was challenged to choose to kill Pepe, who begs to be killed when he became an aswang, to fullfill his duty as the Tagabantay. At first Juan, hesitates but he finally yet relunctantly killed Pepe with the spear to fullfill his duty.

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