became the Leader of the Tikbalangs upon the mysterious disappearance of his father, Lazaro, who was assumed dead. He seeks to avenge the death of his father, Lazaro whom he believe was sentenced to death by a crime that his father did not commit. The tikbalangs under his guidance kidnapped Princess Mirathea and stormed the Engkanto Palace to demand terms from Queen Nerea in exchange for the release of her daughter namely - keep the portal connecting the realms of the Tikbalang and the Engkantos open and cede half the Engkanto Kingdom to his rule.

He was later subdued by Juan Dela Cruz. Juan almost killed Santana when the tikbalang only reminded that he was doing this for his father. Juan had a flashback of his grandfather, Julian, reminding him that killing Santana won't serve justice to the tikbalangs actions to Rosario. Santana had a change of heart and ordered his men to abandon their demands on the Engkanto Kingdom. After receiving minor resistance from the tikbalang military leader, Santana and Juan headed to the Engkanto Kingdom where Queen Nerea declared that the Tikbalangs and Engkantos are onced again friends and the Tikbalangs are free to go the Engkanto realm. Santana later had a reunion with his father, Lazaro. Lazaro resumed his position as the leader of the Tikbalangs.

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