was a leader of a crime syndicate, where Pikoy is one of the children the syndicate have kidnapped. He killed Father Cito and robbed the Church's artifacts, including the Bakal na Krus to sell them. Laura Alejandro was Poldo's customer. Laura needed gold for her jewelry business.

As a child, Juan promised to avenge his foster father's death, and retrieve the bakal na krus as Father Cito told him to do so. Since his mother told the priest that the crucifix belongs to no one but Juan.

Belen, Cito's sister, took the custody of Juan, and soon they left the church and went to reside in Quiapo. Years after, the grown up Juan never went out of trouble. One day he found a drawing of the bakal na krus that belonged to a running orphan child named Pikoy. He approached Pikoy and managed to get him to speak about the drawing. Until one night, walking in a Quiapo market with Asiong, he finally found Poldo, after a long time, but Poldo immediately ran when he heard Juan call his name. Juan aggressively runs after Poldo and cornered him in a truss bridge. But he escapes and runs again. The cat and mouse game ends up in an abandoned theatre, where he beat up Poldo until he was unconscious. Juan found the bakal na krus hanging on chains in the theatre stage. As for Poldo, Juan surrendered him to the police instead of killing him. He then manages to escape the jail, only to be devoured by an aswang afterwards. At least what the reports says.

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