Bow of Wisdom converted

The Pana ng Karunungan (lit. Bow of Wisdom) is the second form of the Bakal ng Krus. When the Bakal na Krus changes to this form, the cross only transforms into a bow and arrows only appear when in use. Juan uses this weapon form for ranged attacks as for attacking a distant enemy. For Juan to unlock this, he needs to learn the real meaning of wisdom. The wisdom that comes from the heart, and not from the mind.

He unlocked this when he met a child aswang named Tonton hiding from a house. The Kapatiran oblige him to kill the child right away for the child is still an aswang no matter how young he was. But Juan strongly disagrees to the kapatiran as he just can't kill an innocent child. He then escape as a refugee to the kapatiran, to protect the child, and hide him in an abandoned building. The child promise to never eat human flesh again after a sincere conversation with Juan. Until one night, Tonton was attacked by Kael's minions that put him into danger, that leads to the unleashing of the bow of wisdom.