Reyna Nerea
is the monarch of the Kingdom of the Lambana in the Engkanto Kingdom and mother of Prinsesa Mirathea. She sent her daughter to the human world to help the Tagabantay, Juan Dela Cruz, in his mission. She also arranged Bagno to be her daughter's groom but the marriage was postponed due to the growing threat of the Anak ng Dilim.

She has a gold plate behind her head as a power. Though her immense power was never put into action during the series. In fact she would rather be helpless and powerless through the hands of her opponents than to use her powers. Peru-Ha even invades her body and enclosed her soul in a crystal ball with no effort. Only her husband Haring Mana-On knows why she never uses her powers. 

Preceded by

Haring Mana-on

Monarch of the Engkanto Kingdom

Reyna Nerea

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