Laura Alejandro
Name Laura M. Alejandro
Portrayed by Zsa Zsa Padilla
Personal Info
Race Aswang
Gender Female
Occupation Owner of a Foundation

Laura M. Alejandro also known as the Reynang Aswang (lit Queen of the Aswangs) and the wife of Samuel Alejandro. She harbours vengeful feelings towards the Tagabantay and vows to kill him. She is willing to kill him at all cost even defying his husbands orders for the aswangs not to fight the Tagabantay. Her husband is in fact shielding the Tagabantay, Juan Dela Cruz , who is also Samuel's son and the prophesized Anak ng Dilim. She also seeks to kill Juan so that her son Kael will become the Anak ng Dilim. Laura is even willing to destroy the legitimacy of her husband's rule in order to achieve her goals.

During the death of her son Kael, she becomes depress, the perfect time for Peru-Ha and Agor to step into her life, to use her sadness and weakness to use her for their own agenda. Peru-Ha makes the manananggal out of her. When the truth is, Peru-Ha only unleashes and blow Laura's cover. All this time Laura only is trying to fit in and even thinks she is a full blooded aswang by acting as one only to please Samuel. And she deserves an award for that part. Nobody notice the fact that she is in fact a true blooded manananggal not an aswang.