Whip of Justice converted
The Latigo ng Katarungan (lit. Whip of Justice) is the third weapon form of the Bakal na Krus.

 For him to unleash the whip, Juan must learn the real meaning of justice. True justice is not served when you rampage in anger or by shunning revenge upon those who you want to get even with.

When Princess Mirathea was kidnapped by a renegade tikbalang, Santana, Juan must saved the Princess at all cost. Santana appeals to Nerea, that for her to retrieve her daughter, she must obey to all his conditions. Upon learning Santana's reason behind his actions, Nerea insisted that Santana's father was not condemned to death by her husband, and that his father was later acquitted from the punishment. Meaning his father may still be alive. Upon knowing this, Santana had a change of heart and help the lambanas to rescue Mira from his tikbalang minions. When Santana told his tikbalang minions that the plans has changed, Rabuyo violently objects and insists on attacking Mira. Juan was forced to attack Rabuyo. Just in time when Rabuyo was about to attack Mira, the bakal na krus transforms into a glowing electric whip.

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