Kapatiran flag

Flag of the Kapatiran

The Kapatiran ("The Brotherhood") is a secret organization, protecting citizens from the aswangs. This organization was founded during the time when Andres Bonifacio founded the Katipunan The organization is one of the key ally of the Tagabantay, Juan Dela Cruz. Juan cooperates with the Kapatiran in its operations and the Kapatiran in turn, trains Juan to become a better Tagabantay. Their flag is a Katipunan-inspired flag with the Bakal na Krus as its symbol. Its leader was Pepe, who seeked to avenge the death of his wife on the hands of the Haring Aswang. Agustin, the former right-hand man of Pepe, replaced Pepe as the leader of the Kapatiran. It inspires the Katipunan