Father Cito
Name Fr. Ramoncito Gonzales
Nickname/s Fr. Cito
Portrayed by Jaime Fabregas
Personal Info
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Parish Priest

Fr. Ramoncito Gonzales known shortly as Fr. Cito is Juan Dela Cruz 's childhood guardian. He is a parish priest that raised Juan as a child. He was later killed by a thief, named Poldo.

More than anyone else, he is the strongest foundation to Juan's personality, not Rosario, not even his own father Samuel. This Priest is a poet by nature. All of his words are deeply etched on Juan's mind and heart. In fact, one of Juan's words to live by, was spoken by him. Case in point, "Hindi mahalaga kung ano ang iyong pinagmulan. Ang mahalaga ay kung saan ka patungo. Ikaw ang magpapasiya kung ano o sino ka."  He is also the one who introduces Bossing (Jesus) to Juan. He guides Juan right even after he is long gone. His words lives on.

Unknown to Juan that the priest and his mother Amelia, has secrets that was left to oblivion. That secrets are still unknown and is never revealed nor spoken of . Not until the series have ended. At the Final battle he gave advice to Juan to Defeat the Anak ng Dilim