Engkanto coup d'état
Location Engkanto Kingdom
  • Coup failed, Peru-ha imprisoned
Peru-ha loyalists

Engkanto Kingdom

Commanders and leaders




The Engkanto coup d'état was a failed attempt to depose Mana-on as Monarch of the Engkanto Kingdom. This coup is a precedent to the Aswang Conflict.


Mana-on was favored by Kanla-on to ascend to the Engkanto throne over his twin sister, Peru-ha. Mana-on proposed Dalik, one of his finest military men retirement. The later refused and felt insulted despite the former praising his service to the Kingdom. Peru-ha later exploited Dalik's feeling and corrupted him. Peru-ha later stage a coup against his brother to reclaim what she thinks is rightfully hers. Peru-ha failed and was imprisoned in a cave by his brother.

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