The Lambana

The Engkantos are mythical beings living in a separate realm from the humans. A female Engkanto is referred to as a Diwata. They greatly resembles human appearance except that they have elvish looking ears. They are actually good looking beings that are very powerful. They hold the five elements of nature [earth, air, wind, fire and lightning]  giving them the ability to manipulate and control any natural disasters [storm, earthquake, storm surge or even volcanic eruptions]. 

According to the Babaylan, in old stories the engkantos frequently helps humans. But they are also the ones responsible for natural disasters, once man abuses nature.  

There are vast meanings when you are talking about engkanto and diwata. They have always been mistaken for other entities called Lambanas. Especially if the lambanas hide their wings. This is misleading as Queen Nerea and her monarch were actually lambanas not engkantos to be exact. Though for Juan and all his allies the lambanas kept it as a secret. Including the fact that, other kingdoms (with the excemption of tikbalang/kapre kingdom where Juan rescued Mira from the enslavement of Santana) exists in the engkanto realm. And that they are not the center of the engkanto realm, rather just a small speck that makes up the entire engkanto kingdom.  The lambanas never revealed to Juan all about their true identity. Not until Juan's fight with aswang and Peru-Ha has ended.

Lambana AnomalyEdit


from front to back: Mirathea, Queen Nerea, Liway, Bagno

There is really something going on in the engkanto kingdom for them to hide their true identity.  

Mira is the first one to approach Juan the tagabantay, to save their kingdom? This is so unlikely, due to the fact that why would a powerful mythical beings ask for help to a mere mortal human. Why would they rely their salvation to Juan when they are more powerful than any human beings.

Even if it is said that Juan is a tagabantay and not an ordinary human. Their problems does not concern anything about Juan's true mission. Juan's original mission is all about getting rid of all aswangs. But halfway through his battle, he finds himself fighting against Peru-Ha's rebellions. If it is about Peru-Ha's awakening because of Juan, they could use some help from the other kingdoms. But why did they never showed up, if it is said that Peru-Ha is a real doom? We could see them help each other first before asking help from Juan. Or at least Juan was approached by the leaders of every kingdom, not the princess of a tiny kingdom of lambana.

Maybe it has something to do about Juan being a hybrid of a tagabantay and anak ng dilim ng mga aswang. What is the real problem? Is there a bigger problem? Why would they approach Juan on the first place? As if they have a hidden agenda. This is so intriguing.

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