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The Bakal na Krus (lit. Iron Cross) is the legendary weapon of the Tagabantay. The cross can transform into different weapon forms with the sword form as its default. Only the Tagabantay can use this weapon. The Tagabantay can attract the cross to his or her hands and place it securely in a wall.
Bakal na krus

Juan getting the Bakal na Krus from the wall.

The Bakal na Krus was once a ordinary weapon crafted by a Spanish warrior priest. The cross became the legendary weapon as it is today when Datu Bangaraw struck the cross into the ground and made a prayer to make the cross a weapon of salvation. It is said that one who has bravery in one's heart and faith in God will become powerful. Datu Bangaraw's prayer was heard and the Bakal na Krus became a weapon that can change into different forms. He then passes  the sword to his son, who in turn passes it to his descendants.

Weapon formsEdit

  1. Shield (Kalasag ng Anking Galing)

Other PowersEdit

  • The White Light (Puting Liwanag) - the most powerful weapon [more of a power rather than a weapon] which was first used by Datu Bangaraw. It was shown as a white orb of light that expanded from the cross. This weapon ended the aswangs' reign during the pre-Spanish period, as well as the growing threat of Peru-Ha's minions [aswang, tiyanak, nuno sa punso, tikbalang and kapre clans] on present times. This was unleashed by Juan during the clash of Peru-ha's minions and the humans, in Luneta Park. Although Peru-Ha barely survive the white light. The Kapatiran has no official teachings, about how to unleash it, as everyone was too preoccupied by the overwhelming threat of Peru-Ha on that moment.

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