Aswang coup d'état

Part of the Aswang Conflict

Aswang coup2
Location Antipolo , Rizal
  • Samuel Alejandro deposed and seriously injured
  • Mikael Reyes become Haring Aswang
  • Juan dela Cruz now officially an enemy of the Kapatiran
Aswang symbol  Aswang 

Aswang symbol Samuel Alejandro and loyalist

Juan Dela Cruz

Kapatiran flag Kapatiran

 Mirathea's group

Commanders and leaders

Aswang symbol Laura Alejandro

Aswang symbol Mikael Reyes

Aswang symbol Samuel Alejandro

Juan Dela Cruz

Kapatiran flag Agustin

Prinsesa Mirathea

The Aswang coup d'état was a successful attempt to depose Samuel Alejandro as Haring aswang.


Laura Alejandro and Mikael Reyes wants to exploits the failures of Samuel Alejandro as Haring Aswang, the latest being the lost of the human farm of the aswangs in Homonhon. Mikael Reyes is angry with his father for favoring Juan dela Cruz and Laura wants the tagabantay killed which Samuel doesn't wants. 

Laura and Mikael has been holding meetings with the Aswang Council about inciting mistrust on the aswangs to decrease Samuel's legitimacy even to the point of making aswangs attack the humans to incite chaos in the human community and blackmailing members of the council who disagress with their plan.

Samuel Alejandro plans to make a speech to boost the morale of the aswangs in Antipolo, Rizal. Many important aswangs attended the meeting

The coupEdit


The crowd welcomes their Leader

Samuel Alejandro arrived at the meeting place with many aswang applauding at him as he walks towards the stage. Laura Alejandro stands a few distance from Samuel on the stage and the Babaylan stands on the left side just below the stage. The snipers holding tranquilizer guns positions on several concealed places around the venue. Juan dela Cruz who plans to kill Samuel to prove his allegiance to the Kapatiran and shun his role as the Anak ng Dilim, also watches the meeting behind the bushes.

Juan watches behind the bushes


One of the snipers positioned


Samuel speaks befor the crowd


A loyalist protects Samuel

Samuel Alejandro starts his speech promising the aswangs hope despite failures back in Homonhon. Samuel later becomes dizzy and his vision starts to blur. It is due to a substance Laura poured in Samuel's wine. Kael later entered the scene and said before many aswangs that his father speech is a farce and is nothing but lies. He said that his failures is due to favoring Juan, who is not only the Anak ng Dilim but also the tagabantay. Kael later charges to Samuel and a loyalist tried to stop him.

Laura gaves a nod to the snipers, Samuel caught the first tranquilizer dart with only his fingers despite his condition. The aswangs waged against their leader and Samuel engages with them and jumps from the stage. Samuel subjugates many aswangs in one blow but he was finally hit with tranquilizer. 

Kael then confronts Samuel with a knife. The fighting aswangs transforms into their aswang form. Laura tried to stop his son from killing his husband as the original plan was only to depose Samuel and not kill him. Two men grabbed Laura's hand and watches his son finally pierce a knife to Samuel.

Juan was shocked from the events he was witnessing. The furious Juan finally uses his Bakal na Krus to shoot the aswangs with the Pana ng Katarungan. Juan entered the battle field and battles the aswang horde with the Latigo ng Katarungan. Juan changes his objectives from killing his father and rescue his father instead. The Kapatiran and Mira's group finally arrives to help Juan fight against the aswangs.

Juan grabs and carries his weakening father.

Mikael Reyes becomes the new Haring Aswang. The clueless Rosario concludes that if Juan helped the Haring Aswang that he is now the enemy of the Kapatiran.


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