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The Aswang conflict refers to the ongoing battle between the aswangs and the Kapatiran. The Kapatiran is supported by the Tagabantay and the Engkanto Kingdom while the Aswang is supported by Peru-ha, a rouge Diwata, which is recognized by the aswangs as their Goddess, Saragnayan.


The conflict dates back way back to the Pre-Spanish period and has Engkanto origins, with Peru-ha being the catalyst of the conflict between the aswangs and the humans.

Peru-ha posing as the Godess Saragnayan turned Datu Alipio and his tribe into the first aswangs. The aswangs became the dominant race over the Philippine archipelago, many tried to challenge their rule but all attempts has been futile

The aswang dominance over the archipelago ended when the Spanish arrive bringing with them with the Bakal na Krus which by then was still a normal weapon. Datu Bangaraw and his new Spanish allies pursued Datu Alipio. The priest swordsmith of the Bakal na Krus was killed in the clash but he entrusted the cross to Datu Bangaraw. Datu Bangaraw then made a prayer to empower the Bakal na Krus, which made it into the legendary weapon as we know it today. Datu Bangaraw used the Puting Liwanag to force the aswangs into hiding.

Datu Bangaraw became the first Tagabantay and the handed over the Bakal na Krus to his descendants. Fighting between the aswangs and the humans continued. The aswangs were not feared by the humans as before and human belief on the aswangs were mostly confined in the rural areas.

Modern EraEdit

The Kapatiran was formed at some point to fight the aswangs. The Kapatiran, under Pepe, raided the bario where the Haring Aswang Samuel Alejandro lived. The Haring Aswang was almost killed but he escaped.

The aswangs remained hidden from the mainstream society. Under the guidance of the Haring Aswang, Samuel Alejandro, the aswangs infiltrated almost all sectors of the human society except for the church. Aswangs held prominent positions in the military, politics and business. Hospitals were the source of food by the aswangs.

Saragnayan has promised the aswangs, dominance over the humans through the the Anak ng Dilim. She said that the propechy will be fullfilled if he touches the Anito ng Saragnayan. Mikael Reyes was previously known to be the Anak ng Dilim but it was later revealed that Juan Dela Cruz, the Tagabantay is the real Anak ng Dilim. Samuel Alejandro, upon knowing the truth, tried to protect Juan. Laura Alejandro, with bitter feelings to Juan, isn't particularly happy to know about it. Laura exposed the truth the rest of the aswangs in a bid to discredit his husband. Kael also vows to kill Juan at all cost so he will become the Anak ng Dilim.

The Engkanto Kingdom also encountered some problems, particularly a conflict between the Tikbalangs and their leader Santana. Agor the right hand of Peru-ha opened the portal between the realm of the Tikbalangs and the Engkanto kingdom, which started the conflict. The conflict was eventually resolved by the Tagabantay.

Agor later framed Bagno for the crime of opening the portal between the Tikbalang and Engkanto realm to create more troubles in the kingdom. He claimed that he ordered him to open the portal and that he was under the influence of Peru-ha. Bagno was jailed and Agor was later set free. He later joined Mira in their continuing quest to help the Tagabantay to earn the trust of Juan.

Through various reckless revenge-driven moves of Mikael Reyes and the efforts of Laura Alejandro to decrease the credibility of his husband to the aswang race. The Philippine government and masses gradually became aware of the aswang's presence. A hotline was broadcasted through the mainstream media, asking people to text the Tagabantay if they see an aswang. The Philippine government has also warned its citizens to remain vigilant on the aswang.

The Philippine govenment gave the Kapatiran licensed arms as a display of gratitude in saving the kidnapped children in Homonhon. The Armed Forces and the Police has also signed a pact to work together in eliminating the aswang threat.

When Kapatiran found out Juan's identity as the Anak ng Dilim, they now wanted him killed. Julian tried to ask Juan for the Bakal na Krus nicely to prevent the threat. Juan refused as he wanted to kill the Haring Aswang to prove his loyalty and allegiance. Julian wanted to give Juan a chance and tries to hold back the Kapatiran to kill Juan. 

Juan later finds out that the aswang will be gathering in Antipolo for a meeting. He asked Asiong to tell the Kapatiran that he will need back-up. Juan was not aware that their will be a coup against Samuel Alejandro, the haring aswang. Juan changes his plans and decides to rescue his father. However due to this, a clueless Rosario decides that Juan is now an official enemy of the Kapatiran.

Juan and Samuel are currently wandering in forest as the new Haring Aswang, Kael orders for the aswangs to kill the two. Kael launches an all-out aswang attack throughout Manila to prove the aswang's superiority over the humans. Kael sent a video to the Kapatiran warning that the aswang attacks were just the beginning and demands the Kapatiran to surrender.

Juan fled Samuel to a safer place, Samuel's wounds healed fast. Both of them are now fugitives.

The Kapatiran located the whereabouts of Kael through an informant. The group and Mira's forces went to the place Unknown to them, Kael planned to ambush the Kapatiran. Juan and Samuel came to back up the Kapatiran. Kael again barely escapes. Samuel then bid farewell to Juan to fix some things. The Kapatiran, especially Rosario has still doubts on Juan's allegiance after letting the Haring Aswang "escape".

To stop Kael's reign of terror and to prevent the loss of many human lives Juan helped his father retake the aswang throne. They stormed Kael's formal coronation. Kael and Laura were imprisoned.

Belen dreamt of Juan defeating a evil Diwata using a stone. Belen and Asiong came to inform Mira and her forces about the premonition. Juan was then later informed of the premonition and concludes that he has to convince the Haring Aswang to give the Anito ng Saragnayan to lock up Peru-ha for eternity. He told Asiong not to tell anyone of the plan. The Kapatiran later found Juan's whereabouts. Juan grabbed the opportunity. Juan made a fake-hostage taking event and pretended to take Asiong hostage to purposely damage his reputation to gain the trust of the Haring Aswang. Juan later left the Bakal na Krus to Julian.

Samuel brought Juan to Villa Grande, an aswang subdivision where aswangs lived peacefully. Samuel taught Juan that aswangs were not all monsters and most of them wants a peaceful life. Samuel also trained Juan in using his aswang abilities a bit. Juan was confused wether to choose being the Tagabantay or the Anak ng Dilim.

Meanwhile four inactive volcanoes around the country started to show significant volcanic activity; Anilao Hill in Batangas, Makiling in Laguna, Catmon in Cebu and Dos Hermanas in South Cotabato. Tatlong Maria warned the Engkanto Kingdom that this is a sign of an impending Peru-ha threat. Mira warned her human allies.

Asiong was forced to reveal his plans with Juan to the Kapatiran. Juan was no longer an enemy of the Kapatiran after the group learnt of his plans.

Juan finally obtained the Anito ng Saragnayan, after protecting the kids who robbed the Anito from being eaten by the aswangs. 

Queen Nerea tells Mirathea that the Anak ng Dilim is close to setting Peru-ha free. Mirathea convinced her mother to trust her and him for some time. However Queen Nerea later forbade her daughter from continuing his mission on the realm of the humans due to her showing feelings for the Anak ng Dilim and putting Juan over the safety of their Kingdom, Mira reiterated that if Juan choose the path of being the Anak ng Dilim, she will kill him herself. Nerea isn't convinced that her daughter will actually succeed in doing so and orders Agor to finish Mirathea's mission.

Agor brought Juan to Homonhon to "lock Peru-ha for good". The Kapatiran and Mira's forces also followed. When Juan is about to place the Anito to the place where Peru-ha is imprisoned, Samuel Alejandro interrupted and convinced his son to stop his plan. He also informed Juan that Peru-ha will use the aswangs as her pawns. Samuel believes that Juan is under the influence of Peru-ha. Juan apologizes and said that he should do what he will do and that he desires the aswangs' curse to be lifted. Juan ultimately continues with his plan and a burst of white light appeared. After the light subsides, Juan asked Samuel what he feels. Samuel was still an aswang. Alejandro said that he will continue in fullfilling his responsibilities, that is to protect the interests of the aswangs. He said to Juan that they shall meet again.

The eruption of the four volcanoes stopped. The Engkanto Kingdom celebrates believing that the threat of Peru-ha is dead.

End of War Edit