Anito ng Saragnayan

Peru-ha saragnayan
Anito locked away

Peru-ha screaming as the anito is being locked away in a briefcase

The Anito ng Saragnayan  which Peru-ha uses to communicate to the Haring Aswang, also known as the goddess Saragnayan to the aswangs. The stone is almost rectangular in shape, adored with purple jewels and has a carving that resembles a face. Peru-ha can also communicate through the stone and when she does this, a illusion of her face appears on the stone. If the stone is touched by the Anak ng Dilim, Peru-ha would be freed from the cave where she is imprisoned. After the furious Samuel Alejandro realized the true identity of Saragnayan, the stone was locked and hidden away in a briefcase vowing that the Anak ng Dilim shall never touch the stone, however he assures that he will keep the faith of the aswangs to Saragnayan alive and that the aswang will fullfill their destiny to rule over the humans through the Anak ng Dilim.