is the right-hand man of Peru-ha who carries out the plans of his imprisoned master. He was once one of the most trusted soldier of the former Haring Mana-on, to the point of entrusting him to guard one of the four corners of the Engkangto Kingdom. He was also trained in interogation and torture by Haring Kanla-on. He can interogate someone by putting his hands in one's ears and the target will experience great pain, which will force the target into revealing confidential information. Agor seems to have romantic interest with Peru-ha as shown in a flashback. He longs for the day to be reunited with Peru-ha.

After Peru-ha was released imprisonment. Peru-ha basically merged with Agor's body rendering them a being with two personalities.

Peru-ha seperated from Agor as the former prepares for her full form in a cocoon. Agor is given additional powers including superhuman strength, agility and the ability to multiply. He was almost defeated by Juan, who was reclaiming the Bakal na Krus. Agor surrendered and committed suicide by piercing himself with his arrow.

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